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Someone recently asked me how I write erotica. Thinking he was talking about story mechanics, I launched into a whole breakdown of how I bend dramatic structure to frame a sex scene, but it turned out that wasn’t his question. He wanted to know about my process.

And it reminded me how different my process is for erotica compared to any other genre. It’s personal. I typically start with a sexual experience I want to create and work backward to set the right conditions. That sexual experience is always something I enjoy, something I’ve experienced, or something I’m craving. …

He said he wanted to watch me have sex with other men, but he was hiding a secret. And an alter-ego.

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I usually write fiction here on Medium so I want to preface this by saying that this story is true. Which isn’t to say fiction isn’t true — it very much is, or can be — but the events in this particular story, as strange as they are, happened. I’m mentioning this because it’s the only way to explain why this story takes such a strange turn.

It began at a bar in London.

I was a doctoral student visiting the city for a conference and at the end of a long day, while I was reviewing my notes and…


This is probably why I like hotwife smut now.

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A big thanks to Hana Lang and Bella Cooper for tagging me into this writing challenge.

The gist of this challenge is to describe a time when you’ve been caught doing something intimate (I’ll post the full prompt below). I’m supposed to keep it to one paragraph but I can’t do that. I will keep it short, though.

This happened a few years back when I was living in New York.

I was in a long-term sexual relationship with an older married man — I’ll call him John. His marriage was open but it was one of those don’t-ask-don’t-tell arrangements…


He sets the rules, I break them, and he delivers the punishment I crave. But this time, he’s going to give me more than just a hard spanking.

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“We have to be quiet,” I murmur, fumbling through my purse for my keys. Some guy I just met is groping my breasts from behind because it’s Friday night and Friday nights are when I get laid. But before that can happen, I need to get past my roommate. Adam.

Adam’s a real piece of work. When I first moved in, he posted a list of rules on the fridge and said I was expected to follow them exactly.


Novella: The Lake (Epilogue)

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This is the final installment of a smutty, summery novella called The Lake. For Part One, click here.

I smile to myself as I shut my laptop for the day. I’ve been building my freelance graphic design business one client at a time. When I left the city, I was nagged by the fear that I was making a mistake, but everything is turning out beautifully.

My office is a dream. Mike installed all the shelves and helped me unpack my heavy books. Lucas and Jake mounted the flatscreen tv in the living room and reassembled my furniture. They also…


What we’re doing is so wrong and yet we just can’t stop ourselves.

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I left the key under the mat for you.

My husband is sleeping in bed beside me. The room is dark and quiet, with only the sound of his heavy, sleeping breath, and my hand is under the covers as I draw wet circles around my clit and look up at the ceiling, counting down the minutes to the moment I see you.

What we’ve been doing is very bad. We both know it. My husband and I have been over to your house and while you two go off to talk sports, your wife and I chat about books…


Novella: The Lake (Part Three)

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This is the third part of an explicit novella called The Lake. For Part One, click here. Though, honestly, you can probably read all of these parts on their own, too.

One delicious hamburger and a bowl of Greek salad later, I’m stretched out on the sofa, back in my sundress. I’m leaning against Lucas’ chest with both of his arms around me. Jake has my legs draped across his lap as he chats with Mike, who’s seated in an adjacent armchair, sipping his beer. …


Novella: The Lake (Part Two)

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This is the second part of an explicit novella called The Lake. For Part One, click here.

I cling to Jake’s neck, drowsy from the late afternoon sun as he tows me through the water. His strong body flexes under the surface as he swims, water swirling between my thighs and brushing against my swollen folds.

I feel drugged and dazed, every inch of my skin pulsing with the desire. I can still feel their cocks inside me, a persistent throbbing in the deepest center of my core. And I want more. …


Novella: The Lake (Part One)

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This is the first part of an explicit novella called The Lake. For a sense of what you’re in for, here’s a link to the index page.

Sweat collects in my cleavage and drips down my back as I open yet another cardboard box. Moving to a new house is always a hassle, but moving during a record-breaking heatwave is a goddamn nightmare. After unloading all of my earthly possessions from the rental truck, I’m drenched with sweat and not a single one of these boxes contains a fan.

I’m making the right decision, or so I keep reminding myself…


A summary, links, and a few reasons why you should — or shouldn’t — read it.

The girth of the paperback in this image is very incorrect.

To read the novella, scroll to the bottom for the links.

Sometime last summer, I wrote a short story for an anthology of erotica. The theme was ‘summer heat’ and I was in a mood for that feeling of too much (the same mood I was in when I wrote this story) so I wrote about a woman having sex with two men. When the anthology was published, a few people asked if I’d planned to write more, and while I hadn’t, I did. I turned that story into a short novella called The Lake. …

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