Caught Confession: He Discovered I’d Just Had Sex With Another Man

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A big thanks to Hana Lang and Bella Cooper for tagging me into this writing challenge.

The gist of this challenge is to describe a time when you’ve been caught doing something intimate (I’ll post the full prompt below). I’m supposed to keep it to one paragraph but I can’t do that. I will keep it short, though.

This happened a few years back when I was living in New York.

I was in a long-term sexual relationship with an older married man — I’ll call him John. His marriage was open but it was one of those don’t-ask-don’t-tell arrangements, so he was discreet about it. He’d call whenever he had an evening free and I’d usually hear from him with only an hour or two of notice. Sometimes he’d be out of the country for work and I wouldn’t hear from him for weeks. Sometimes he’d be staying at his city apartment and I’d see him every other day. It varied.

I liked John because he was calm, insightful, and supremely sexual. He liked to take his time.

At some point, I started dating a younger man — I’ll call him Ryan — who was in every way John’s opposite. We’d met dancing in the backroom of a bar, and when we started going out, we’d grab a few drinks or see a live show, then we’d go back to my place and have sex. He was energetic and a bit of a rollercoaster, so I suppose I was the calm one in that relationship. He also had a libido like a jackrabbit.

One night, Ryan called to cancel our plans at the last minute. Something had come up — I can’t remember what it was. Then John called. He was back in the city and wanted to see me. Since I was already dressed to go out, I hopped in a cab and went uptown. We talked, we had sex, I had an amazing time. But as I was leaving, I got a text message from Ryan. He wanted to see me.

By then, it was around midnight. And I remember sitting in the back of the cab staring at the screen of my phone thinking, “Should I?” I’d slept with two men at the same time — a few times, actually — but I’d never slept with two men consecutively before. It felt like the sort of thing you shouldn’t do.

I gave the driver directions to his apartment and spent most of the ride trying to figure out how to tell him. As free-spirited — or promiscuous — as I was, I always tried to handle this sort of thing as ethically as possible. But what was I supposed to say? “By the way, someone else’s cock was just inside me tonight so head’s up”?

When I showed up, Ryan was unusually horny and as soon as he let me in, he had me against the wall. While we were kissing, I kept thinking, Do I tell him? When do I tell him? Should I tell him now? And then he jerked my skirt up around my hips and worked his hand into my panties. Once he slipped a finger inside me, he went still.

He broke the kiss. “You’re really wet right now.”

This would have been the time to say something. I didn’t. I just held his eye contact.

“Oh fuck.” He slipped another finger inside me, his breathing quickening. “Are you wet because you just fucked that guy?”



“Twenty minutes ago.”

I had no idea how he’d take it. Like John and his open marriage, I’d learned that there’s a big difference between letting someone know you’re sleeping with other people and, well, rubbing it in their face — or, in this case, dripping it all over their hand.

Ryan went absolutely wild.

He was so turned on, we didn’t even make it to the bedroom before his cock was inside me. And the fact it turned him on turned me on. Suddenly, I was bent over the end of the sofa while he was taking me from behind and asking for every detail — how I fucked him, how many times, how big his cock was. And that turned me on, too.

It was an unexpected kink for me.

I didn’t know what a hotwife was then, or whether there were even men in the world who fantasized about that sort of thing, but good god, that lit me up. Still does.

Caught Confession Challenge
1. Tell us a time you were caught doing something intimate and/or restrained while in an intimate situation.

2. Write a one-paragraph post or write it in a comment on this post.

3. If you write a post, reference this prompt and tag friends you think may enjoy playing.

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Here are Hana and Bella’s confessions:

And because I’m painfully slow at these things, I think everyone I know has already been tagged, so consider this an open invitation to whoever might be reading this.

If you have a confession of your own, feel free to post it in the comments. If you create a post instead, let me know and I’ll link to it here.

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